Voice User Interface Interaction in ProtoPie
• Listen to the speaker
• Logic: detect words which trigger a specific action
• Speak the results
Landing Page and Animation in ProtoPie
• Text Input Fields
• Designed in Figma and prototyped in ProtoPie
Movie Booking Interaction (3D transform, Variables, interaction) in ProtoPie
• Used Variables and Formulas to change the price
• Lottie animation implemented
• Designed in Adobe XD and prototyped in ProtoPie
Ordering AirPods (Animation, Variables, Formulas) in ProtoPie
• Used Variables and Formulas to change the total price
• Lottie animation implemented
• Prototyped in ProtoPie and edited/cut in Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro
Toggle switch Interaction in ProtoPie
• Day and Night mode with a toggle switch
• Designed in Figma - prototyped in ProtoPie
ProtoPie Tutorial (Triggers & Responses)
• In this tutorial, I'll explain what ProtoPie is, what triggers and responses are and create a realistic interactive video plackback prototype
 Messaging Interaction in ProtoPie
• Created super realistic prototype with ProtoPie
• Used formulas to detect what the user typed and display it in the messages
• Perfect for Usability Tests
Micro Interaction with Components (and variants) in Figma
• Used the beta of Figma to create a  'like' interaction
• Keeps the user engaged
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